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Toddler Mistakenly Served Alcohol at Applebee’s

An Applebee’s restaurant in Detroit, Michigan served the son of Taylor Dill-Reese alcohol in his sippy cup. Dominic, a 15-month-old boy began to say hi and bye to the walls and appeared to be sleepy when his mother got suspicious of the beverage.

What they thought was apple juice turned out to be margarita mix and the boy was rushed to the hospital. After being checked out by doctors, the family learned the boy’s blood alcohol level was .10 which is over the legal limit for an adult driver.

“Nobody at the table ordered alcoholic drinks,” said Dill-Reese. “So, he definitely shouldn’t have received one.”

Applebee’s is currently conducting an investigation although legal action hasn’t been taken yet.

What would you do if your child was accidentally served alcohol at a restaurant?

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