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BYU Accused Of Racism Against Black Student Athlete


Brigham Young University is back in the news this week following a report by sports website, Deadspin, which accuses the private institution of racism towards Black athletes.

Previously reported, BYU suspended basketball player Brandon Davis, after it was discovered that he had sex with his girlfriend, an action that violates the religious university’s “Honor Code.”

In a research report written by Darron Smith, the Black Moran and assistant professor at Wichita State writes:

“Since 1993, according to our research, at least 70 athletes have been suspended, dismissed, put on probation, or forced to withdraw from their teams or the school after running afoul of the honor code. Fifty-four of them, or nearly 80 percent, are minorities. Forty-one, or almost 60 percent, are black men.

Yet a majority of the honor code violations involve black athletes. Do these numbers mean these athletes “sin” more than everyone else? Hardly. Several former BYU football players told us that their white teammates routinely broke the honor code and got away with it, either because they didn’t get caught or because their violations were covered up.”

In the piece entitled “The Truth About Race, Religion, And The Honor Code At BYU,” Smith, who taught courses on race and ethnicity in BYU’s sociology department from 1998 to 2005, documents a history of BYU’s racism towards Black athletes.

The article also takes in accounts from former BYU African-American athletes Tico Pringle, Ray Hudson, and Thomas Stanci, who also faced punishment for violating the school’s “Honor Code.”

Smith’s entire Deadspin article can be read here.


After reading this article, the issues at BYU go deeper than the recent suspension of Brandon Davis, and further investigation of the university on grounds of racism might be needed.


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