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Michael Vick is a go as the NFL granted him full reinstatement on Thursday and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said Vick could play later this month instead of waiting until October. This makes the star quartback eligible to hit the field on Sept. 27 as the Philadelphia Eagles play at home against the Kansas City Chiefs in their third game of the season.

Former Indianapolis Colts coach Tony Dungy was also instrumental in helping Vick get back into the league as he has served as a mentor to Michael. Dungy stated,

“Mike is one of those young people that made a mistake. He made some lifestyle choices that weren’t good. But Mike, I think just from being around him, is a good person at heart. I think he deserves a second chance. He’s paid the penalty that this legal system dished out and now he’s ready to go back to work. One of the things I’ve done in Tampa for 13 years is work with inmates. I’ve visited prisons and helped get people going in the rehabilitation process and trying to get them work when they get out. Michael is no different than some of the other inmates in that capacity. He is trying to get back with his family, trying to get his life restarted and trying to go in the right direction. I think he very sincerely wants to do it the right way and I’m just trying to help him out.”

Coach Dungy also spoke of starting Philly quarterback Donovan McNabb taking Vick under his wing.

“I don’t think you can say enough about Donovan’s role in this. He went to his coach and said even though this guy plays the same position as me and might take some playing time away from me, we need to help him and he could help our team so let’s do it. That says a lot about him and he’s really gonna be there for Michael.”