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Rickey Smiley's Daughter Opens Up About The Night She Was Shot

Source: Rickey Smiley / Aaryn Smiley

Rickey Smiley’s daughter opened up about the frightening night that landed her in hospital after being struck multiple times by stray bullets.

Smiley’s daughter Aaryn called into her dad’s radio show, The Rickey Smiley Morning Show. She shared the details about the night over the July 4 weekend, where she suffered multiple gunshot wounds. The 19-year-old was celebrating her birthday with her boyfriend in Houston, Texas. While on their way to get some fast food from Whataburger, Smiley was hit both legs by stray bullets and had to undergo emergency surgery and a blood transfusion.

Describing the incident, Smiley’s daughter initially thought the gunfire was fireworks being set off and thought she initially just got “burned” by the fireworks being set off by kids. She didn’t realize she was struck by gunfire until her boyfriend, Jake, asked her why wasn’t she reacting to being shot. Aaryn looked down to see that she was gushing blood and revealed that one of the bullets went straight through her left leg and stayed in her right leg. Aaryn reacted quickly and began to apply pressure to the wound to slow the bleeding.

Before the interview ended, Aaryn credited God for looking out fo her that night because the shooter used “hollow tip” bullets Bossip exclusively reported.

“Honestly, what I have to say is he definitely saved me from much worse. They were using like hollow-tip, rifle-made bullets, and those are the kind of bullets that are made to go through anything. That’s how they got through the metal of the car. The only bullet that would have hit me right in the head was not a rifle hollow-tip bullet didn’t get through.

“Everyone keeps saying how are you being so positive and stuff? And I’m like I could literally be dead right now if that one bullet have gotten through would have made all the difference. I’m thankful, I’m so thankful. He [God] was definitely there protecting me that night.”

Aaryn’s interview follows her dad’s passionately plea to ‘get these hoodlums’ out of the Black community.

“When y’all ready to have a conversation about what we do in our community and how we act and things that we do and our mindset of our people, I’ll be ready.”

You can listen to the entire interview below.

Photo:  Rickey Smiley / Aaryn Smiley