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Karen With Gun

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If racists are learning anything from the Divider-In-Chief enabling their prejudice and bigoted ways, it’s that playing the victim card is much better than owning up to your ish.

Last week, “Chipotle Karen” became a viral villain after she was caught on video pulling a gun on Takelia Hill and her daughter after a heated exchange at a Chipotle restaurant in Michigan. After the video of the encounter made the social media rounds, Jillian Wuestenberg and her hubby were arrested and charged with felonious assault and are facing up to four years behind bars.

Looking to clear her “good” name, Wuestenberg gave a tearful interview where she defended her actions and said she “feared for her life” even though she was the only person with a weapon.

Crooks and Liars are reporting that Wuestenberg is now claiming “ethnic intimidation” as a reason she was quick to draw a gun in the confrontation with the Black mother and daughter at the Orion Township restaurant. Through her lawyer, Wuestenberg released a statement claiming to be the victim in the matter and is hoping to garner enough sympathy from other racists who may relate to her fear of a Black planet.

“We had no want to escalate anything. We wanted to go home, we wanted to leave in our car, we wanted the other family to be able to leave in their car. There was no desire for escalation on our part, there was a desire to live.”

This coming from a woman who allegedly started the altercation by bumping Hill’s teenage daughter and got into a shouting match before eventually pulling a gun on them and telling them to “back the f*ck up!”

But sure, she’s the one that had the “desire to live” throughout that entire episode.


Now that she’s facing a small stretch in prison and a $50,000 fine, Wuestenberg has decided to go the Trump route and play the victim even though this is a situation that she originally provoked.

While “Chipotle Karen” claims she isn’t a racist, the video obviously disputes that notion and now she’ll forever have to live with the consequences of her actions in the court of public opinion. Hopefully, she’ll have to pay for her actions via the judicial system but that remains to be seen.