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Amy Cooper

Source: @melodyMcooper / Twitter

Amy Cooper may have thought that she was instilling fear when she filed a false call against Black birdwatcher, Christian Cooper, but instead turned her own life upside leading to a felony charge.

According to published reports, despite the unwillingness of the victim Cooper to cooperate, the New York District Attorney’s office has reportedly decided to move forward with the prosecution of Amy Cooper for the May 25th filing of a false police report on Mr. Cooper, claiming he was “threatening her life.”

Although Mr. Cooper highlighted the incident by sharing the incident to social media causing outrage that resulted in Ms. Cooper losing her job, and her dog temporarily after the video went viral.

“She’s already paid a steep price,” Mr. Cooper said responding to the backlash of the moment that went viral. “That’s not enough of a deterrent to others? Bringing her more misery just seems like piling on.”

On Monday (Jul 13), the Manhattan district attorney announced plans to prosecute Ms. Cooper (no relation), on the charge of falsely reporting an incident in the third degree.

Despite the huge win for the culture, the victim Mr. Cooper states that while he supports the District Attorney’s decision to prosecute Ms. Cooper, in an interview with The New York Times, Mr. Cooper states he wants no part of the process.

“So if the DA feels the need to pursue charges, he should pursue charges. But he can do that without me,” Mr. Cooper said.

Although Mr. Cooper has decided not to be involved, the “Central Park Karen” has been issued a desk appearance ticket and is scheduled for arraignment October 14. If convicted, she faces a max sentence of 1 year in jail.

Photo: Twitter/Screenshot