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Wu-Tang Clan’s GZA hit up social media with a single question that has left fans wondering if he traded the famous “W” for a tin-foil hat. 

In a Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram post dated August 7, the legend recorded a panoramic view from an upper-level balcony examining the beach’s horizon.  The caption: “Round or flat?” 

Over 500 comments from fans flooded each of GZA’s platforms with responses varying from scientific facts to inquiries of his sanity.  “GZA wtf are you talking about?,” a user quipped on Instagram. “It’s round.”  “I only asked a question. I don’t support flat earth,” the lyricist repled. 

This follows a controversial post shared the day before about anti-vaccination. The meme challenged the validity of the flu vaccine while showing two adults subduing a child getting injected with a syringe in a black and white photo.


The comment section garnered a lot of responses either asking him to delete the meme out of dismay or schooling The Genius about the lifecycle of a virus. “A vaccine and a cure are not the same and influenza is constantly mutating,” a commenter replied on Facebook. “We have to get vaccinated every year to keep up with the new strains.” 

Considering he spearheaded the Science Genius program in New York City public schools, released the Liquid Science series on Netflix, and has a reputation to literally drop science in his music, it’s a good guess that GZA just wants to spark a healthy conversation with fans over social media about his favorite subject.