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Bootleg Dior x Air Jordan 1

Source: U.S. Customs and Border Protection / CBP

Counterfeit sneakers are big bucks out here on these streets and though we’re more than a decade removed from an era where blatantly fake Jordans was a thing (just peep The Game’s mixtape cover to Murda Game Chronicles), bootleg J’s still rake in stacks of green.

Unfortunately for the sneaker snake oil salesman in the states, U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers just confiscated millions of dollars worth of fake sneakers that would’ve ended up on the feet of sneaker heads who don’t know any better. According to the CBP website, CBP officers working the Dallas/Fort Worth port of entry intercepted a shipment which contained over 1,800 pairs of bootleg “Dior X Air Jordan 1” sneakers that were set to make it’s way to Mexico.

The shipment was valued at $4.3 million. Even for bootleg sneakers that’s some pricey merch.

CBP officers targeted 60 boxes that originated from Hong Kong and were manifested as “Ball Golf” for an exam.  This inspection revealed several styles of footwear bearing the registered trademarks of Nike and Adidas.  Due to the poor quality of workmanship, incorrect packaging, and previous experience with similar products, officers determined the footwear were not authentic items. 

“Counterfeiters trafficking in phony merchandise are not concerned about the American consumer or the damage their fake goods can do to our economy,” said CBP Port Director Timothy Lemaux. “CBP will continue to take every opportunity to intercept illegitimate goods and disrupt transnational criminal enterprises seeking to fund criminal activities with counterfeit or pirated merchandise.” 

The only question that remains is what are they going to do with 1,800 pairs of some of the most in-demand bootleg sneakers on these streets? Y’all know someone banking off that shipment. Ain’t no way they’ll be giving those away to detained immigrants on the border. They’re not that nice.

According to CBP the agency had confiscated $37 million worth of bootleg kicks in all of 2019.

Feds must be targeting that Frank Lucas connect Jim Jones once bragged about. Jimmy must be tight his latest shipment got intercepted.