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Tekashi 6ix9ine has been galavanting the streets ever since his release from house arrest, but his recent mask-free antics have annoyed New York City’s MTA for good reason. 

In one of his latest adventures captured on Instagram, the lace front enthusiast and two armed security guards boarded a southbound F train with disregard to the mask ordinance of the MTA. The guards wore their masks around their chins while he rode barefaced.

To be fair, New Yorkers have been under quarantine for five months, so it may be difficult for the rugged rodents, notoriously infamous for overrunning the subway system, to identify their rainbow-haired demigod if he wore a mask.  

Anyway, the video continues to film the rapper passing through an emergency door at a subway station where a fan propositions him for a photograph. 6ix9ine stops to oblige him, but not without a paranoid glance to suss out if it were a setup or not.    

According to Page Six, the MTA caught wind of this publicity stunt and was not pleased with what they saw. 

“Everyone on public transit is required to wear a mask — period. This is dangerous and unacceptable,” MTA spokesman Tim Minton said in a statement. “6ix9ine knows personally the risks from COVID-19 and he and his bodyguards should be wearing masks and keeping social distance.”

In April of this year, a judge granted the rapper early release from federal custody in fear of contracting coronavirus during incarceration. Tekashi’s lawyers argued his asthma would put him at a higher risk of death if exposed to the virus while in prison. Since then, he’s trolled the internet with his antics to high viewership.

Last week the struggle rapper toured Bed-Stuy and midtown Manhattan to celebrate his newfound freedom from probation. In another video, he’s dining outside with a female companion flaunting what he claims is $200,000 in cash and wearing over a million in jewelry.

Who will tell the guy that armed security can’t protect him from COVID-19?