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Guapdad 4000

Source: Paul Middleton / Warner Music

Guapdad 4000 doesn’t appear to be an artist concerned with fitting in with whatever works in today’s frenzied musical climate. In fact, the West Oakland superstar in the making has actually found his footing by defying every convention heaved upon him and that’s especially true with his latest release, Platinum Falcon Returns.

Guapdad 4000

Source: Paul Middleton / Warner Music

Hip-Hop Wired had the privilege of speaking with the 28-year-old Bay Area native on the eve of the release of his latest EP, Platinum Falcon Returns, which is out Friday (August 14). While April’s The Plantium Falcon Tape Vol. 1 was well-received by way of Guapdad’s tongue-in-cheek cleverness and somber wit, he tells us that he’s aiming to do more with the Platinum Falcon series and expand the depths of his artistry.

“I didn’t want to push for urban, or, you know, that whole part of the industry when you got a fun record and you want that to be like ‘put some money behind it’ and give it to radio. I just didn’t wanna do none of that,” Guapdad said of his intentions for Platinum Falcon Returns.

“I personally didn’t give a f*ck about that type of music even though I love the songs [from The Platinum Falcon Tape Vol. 1]. We was out protesting…like I’m out there with my momma and my little sister, we doing charity, it wasn’t no way we was finna drop a twerk anthem, you feel me,” Guapdad clarified.

Guapdad 4000

Source: Paul Middleton / Warner Music

Given that Guapdad was dialed in on trying to give a bit more introspection and thoughtfulness to the current release, he didn’t seem worried about losing loyal listeners who expect his big personality to always dictate the mood of the music.

“I’m expecting a good response from the fans because my music has always existed in its own space in partnership with my personality. They never match up. They probably only match up on a couple of records or maybe moments in the record when I say some outlandish sh*t. But really, I’m way more musically inclined than my personality would have you believe,” he stated.

Guapdad’s stance on where he’s taking his listeners would likely spark some concern from his longtime fans but Platinum Falcon Returns opens with “Little Scammer That Could,” a high-energy track featuring Guapdad’s longtime compatriot Denzel Curry, who brings his usual splendor to the moment. In essence, things remain fresh and familiar all at once.

As heard in grand detail on the previous release, Platinum Falcon Returns isn’t content with sticking to one sonic formula as “Home Of The Brave” distinctly shifts the direction of the project immediately, this time employing melody in his delivery, something he’s done before but this time doing so with conviction. Guapdad, in his words, wanted to create something “more vibey” and to serve as a soundtrack to a long drive or the low-key kickback.

Guapdad 4000

Source: Paul Middleton / Warner Music

We also spoke about “Home Of The Brave,” and while it thematically sounded like a track for him to rattle off details about his scamming past, he assured us there’s more to it.

“I’m just talking about when I was honestly trappin’, and my place as a scammer and where I belonged in America,” he shared. “It takes bravery to commit a crime, and they say this is the ‘Land of the Free, Home of the Brave,’ and you’re free to do crime if you feel like it but you’re brave in a way because you don’t belong anywhere.”

Getting more into the themes on the album, Guapdad broke down the lyrics to “Orgasm Full Of Pain,” featuring the talented Deante’ Hitchcock.

“‘Orgasm Full Of Pain’ was just how I was trying to describe gentrification,” Guapdad. said. “People come in, it’s so beautiful, it’s so robust, all the innovations are so nice but it’s full of pain because everybody that was there before is gone.”

If confidence is the sword and shield of the modern rapper, then Guapdad 4000 has clearly armed himself properly as he forges ahead. Without a hint of cockiness or overblown self-assuredness, Guapdad answered with sincerity about his creative process and what inspires his art.

“Honestly? I inspire myself. I like being saucy, being a saucy n*gga. That’s hella motivating to me,” he said.

Hella saucy, indeed.

Near the conclusion of the interview, Guapdad detailed that a final release in the Platinum Falcon series is forthcoming in 2020, and will be a full-length album instead of the EP format of the previous drops. He added that he plans to go full-speed with the creative side of things as he brings the concept to final fruition in the form of a trilogy.

Platinum Falcon Returns features production from Guapdad’s longtime producer James Delgado, with contributions from BRYVN, Fonzi, Kal Banx, Mosley, and Nascent.

The album is available across all DSPs and we’ve got the streams listed out below. For the full list of DSPs, please click here.

This interview shortened for clarity and length.

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