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50 Cent

Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

While 50 Cent has made it clear that he feels T.I. isn’t on his level for a head on battle he is still keeping his ear close to the tweets. He recently caught wind of a claim that he found quite humorous.

As spotted on Hot New Hip Hop the Queens native had a good chuckle on the behalf of the self proclaimed king of the south. Last week Tip was a guest on The Fat Joe Show and he discussed a variety of topics including how and why he defined his royal spot below the Mason-Dixon Line. When the discussion shifted to 50 Cent the “Live Your Life” rapper expressed that he only feels Fif has one undisputed classic under his belt. “I love 50. That whole album [Get Rich Or Die Trying] is jammin’. Top to bottom,” he explained. “Bruh, I got five classics. Three, if you’re being conservative. I have five classics.”

Naturally the commentary got back to Curtis and he took this opportunity to troll Clifford yet again. On a post to his Instagram he discredited his discography in one fell swoop. “👀😏The man said he got 5 classics,😳it’s too early i’m going back to sleep. 😴” he wrote. Fat Joe joined in on the fun via the comments section saying “We talking bout Classics we talking bout Classics lol in my AI voice lol.”

Their online back and forth stems from T.I. calling out 50 for a Versuz battle which 50 declined. You can see the clip below.


Photo: Bernard Smalls