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Mayweather Jr. Charged With Harassment For Threatening Guards

Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. was hit with new misdemeanor harassment charges Thursday (May 5), as two security guards at the fighter’s upscale Las Vegas neighborhood are claiming that he threatened them with bodily harm for citing him with parking violations.

The charges stem from an October 2010 incident where Mayweather grew angry after guards cited several of the boxer’s vehicles for being parked on the street, a violation of homeowners’ association rules.

The undefeated fighter then reportedly told the guards not to touch his cars before adding, “I already have a pending gun charge and I don’t want any problems, but my homeboys have guns and I’ll call them to come over and take care of you guys,” Mayweather said, according to the guards’ account. “What do you guys want to do?”

Mayweather reportedly repeated the threat several time while laughing and removing the tickets from his cars.

The guards then left and called the police. No charges were filed at the time, but two weeks later, one of the guard notified the police that he wanted to press charges.

Mayweather is already facing misdemeanor battery charge stemming from allegations that he poked another guard in the face in a separate altercation over parking citations last November. He also faces felony charges in a domestic dispute with his ex-girlfriend last year. Mayweather does not having any gun charges as he reportedly stated.


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