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France's Coronavirus Death Rate Continues To Slow But Country Remains On Lockdown

Source: Stephane Cardinale – Corbis / Getty

The French have proven once again they are not to be taken lightly. One team of criminals just made underworld history.

As spotted on Raw Story the people of France were reminded that the streets will eat by any means necessary. On Friday, August 28 a crew of stickup men set their sights on an armored truck and it was clear their strategy was well thought out too. According to the reports unidentified men approached the vehicle as it was exiting the Bank of France in Lyon. Two vans blocked their path; one in front and another in the back.

From there the crooks hopped out with guns and threatened the driver. Naturally the individual behind the wheel saw that they were not playing and promptly gave them access to the precious cargo. They unloaded about nine million Euros, roughly $10.7 million dollars, in a matter of minutes. Soon after they set the armored truck on fire and escaped. The driver and two other staffers were left unharmed.

But as local police continue to dig further into the incident it seems that this plan had been in the works for some time. The armored team had admitted they were experiencing issues with that truck in particular saying the locking system was faulty. Additionally the truck’s coding was supposed automatically change with each run but this truck kept a permanent code which saved time for the robbers. “It was an audacious attack, right in the city centre,” said Loomis chief executive Michel Tresch. “The most important thing is that the cash escorts are safe and sound”.

This is the biggest French cash heist in history topping Toni Musulin’s 11.6 euro score back in 2009.

Photo: Getty