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Tamar Braxton’s love life has taken a dramatic turn for the worse after an explosive dispute with her fiancé led to a filing of an order of protection following an alleged murder-suicide threat.  

Apparently, David Adefeso, who saved Tamar’s life a few months ago after a suicide attempt, filed a request for a domestic violence restraining order against the singer on Tuesday. As of now, it’s unclear what exactly happened between the two, but something definitely went down for it to lead to legal intervention. 

 PageSix reports:

But later on Tuesday, The Blast reported that — according to sources close to Braxton — it was Adesfeso who had made Braxton feel unsafe, not the other way around.

The site reported that he was driving her to a mental health facility recently, when they began arguing — and that Adefeso told her they were going to end up “in a murder-suicide.”

The story is quite the rollercoaster when you follow the events that lead to this point.  If you remember, in July, Tamar was found unresponsive by Adesfeso after she ingested a dangerous combination of alcohol and prescription pills at the Ritz Carlton hotel in Los Angeles.  Apparently, Adefeso called 911 and explained to local police that the singer was upset over an issue with WeTV and threatened her life hours before the unfortunate event. 

Later, Tamar released a statement confirming her beef with the network lead to the suicide attempt. She explained that the conflict stemmed from being taken advantage of by reality TV producers, and called the relationship “toxic, systemic bondage” when executives ignored her desperate pleas to be released from her contract. However, the reason may have come from Adefeso who was angry about his portrayal in Tamar’s new show— read more about that here.  With her mental health compromised over the stress, the singer turned to drugs and alcohol to end it all until Adefeso found her that troubled night.  The network ended the contract shortly after the statement went public.


Despite the scare, the couple’s relationship seemed to be stable during this point. The singer posted a lengthy Instagram post in August thanking Adefeso for saving her life while simultaneously announcing their engagement. “Although I been said yes in this old video… now and then, I couldn’t imagine what life would be like if you weren’t by my side,” she wrote. “Thank God I’m here and thank God for you.”

A month later, the once happy lovebirds are now at odds with each other.  Tamar has been noticeably absent from her social media accounts but did manage to delete the touching post on the low.  Regardless of where the pair ends up, we definitely hope they find an amicable resolution to their relationship.