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Soulja Boy Wants To Play Tupac In New Biopic

If there’s one thing Soulja Boy knows how to do well, it’s stir up controversy.

Most recently the young mogul had the internet on fire with talk of remaking the 1992 film “Juice,” starring the late legend Tupac Shakur.

Just yesterday Soulja linked with Sway on MTV’s “RapFix Live” and shared that he was also asked to audition to play Pac in an upcoming biopic.

“I got an email from William Morris Agency — that’s my agency that I’m with — they reached out to me to play the part. I’m just still thinking about it right now,” says Soulja.

“Even with the whole ‘Juice’ movie, I’m playing a part that Tupac played, but I’m not actually playin’ ‘Pac. When it comes to this, I’m actually gonna be playin’ ‘Pac, so I’m really still just thinkin’ about it.But I’m just honored that they would reach out to me and ask me anyway.”

A digital uprising is pending as Soulja debates taking on the role. In the meantime, he anticipates the release of the “Juice” remake.

“I shot the movie. It’s done. We did a good job. It’s gonna be crazy,” he shares. “I’m ready for the masses to see it. I got the ‘Juice’ music video coming out for the official soundtrack for all the people to hype ’em up, to get everybody crunk.”


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