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Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

Tory Lanez is still covered in struggle juice but is trying his best to take it off. He has answered The Boss but his response is falling on deaf ears.

As spotted on TMZ all signs are pointing to the fact that Daystar is making the Canadian performer more unpopular by the day. Upon the release of the new album Rick Ross was one of the first celebrities to call him out for dropping a new project that did not provide a public apology to Meg Thee Stallion for allegedly shooting her. On Friday Rozay did not hesitate to question his intentions by launching the new album the week of the Breonna Taylor indictment announcement; a move he said showed a lack of respect for Black women. “We got to respect these sisters” Ross explained.

Naturally this got back to Tory and he took to Twitter to respond to the accusations of tackiness. “I respect u 2 much as a black man to disrespect you in these times,however I went out and marched 9 DAYS STRAIT for Breonna Taylor ..IN YOUR CITY …I didn’t see the “boss” out there once ?…also stop tagging your endorsements in post about her . It’s a poor decision @RickRoss” he wrote. 

In turn the “Idols Become RIvals” rapper recorded another Instagram Live. “First off, lil boy, I appreciate how you responded swiftly to Rozay, but that’s how you should’ve did the sister that accused you of shooting. That’s what you owed her family” he said.

Receipts of the back and forth below.

Photo: Bernard Smalls