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Jaguar Wright is known for her amazing voice, but as of late, her notoriety has come from the bubbling hot tea that she has spilling on major players in the game. While many have remained silent publicly, it seems that Jill Scott has joined Erykah Badu with a seemingly indirect response to Wright and her claims.

As previously reported, Jaguar Wright previously called out her former crew The Roots over alleged ill-treatment of Malik B, prior to his passing, among other things. The Philadelphia-bred singer also came at Common, who she claimed sexually assaulted her while they were in a relationship, before apologizing to Tiffany Haddish for the accusation.

While The Roots were the initial target, the “Let Me Be the One” singer also set her crosshairs on Soulquarians Erykah Badu and Jill Scott alleging that their silence sides them the band who initially treated the two women poorly early in their careers,

“Erykah you haven’t posted anything but you’re supposed to be this enlightened mother,” Wright said. “You haven’t said a word about my brother when he was the only one who wasn’t treating your ass like sh*t because you weren’t from Philly, but you quiet now. I’m killing all that fake sh*t.”

Wright also alleges that the strain in her relationship with Erykah Badu became so bad that Badu wrote and released her song “Booty” aimed at Wright.

“Then he got with Erykah and then Erykah was jealous as f*ck of me. That song ‘Booty’ on that second album. That sh*t was about me. She made that sh*t up at Black Lily in New York. That line, ‘Your booty might be bigger but I still can pull your n*gga but I don’t want him.’”

The claim that “Booty” was aimed at Wright apparently isn’t too far off after Erykah Badu used the song recently to possibly respond to Wright’s call to “meet up.”

Although initially Wright’s sights were set on righting the wrongs that she accused her former tribe of committing against her and other former members, her industry tales quickly turned from personal to exposé when Wright began speaking on industry giants including Diddy, Mary J. Blige, Jennifer Lopez, Alicia Keys and newcomer Summer Walker. From allegations that Diddy sexually assaulted men on his label for money to outing both Mary J. Blige and Alicia Keys-who Wright then accused of having an affair with her now-husband Swizz Beatz, Wright’s tirades have left fans not knowing what to really believe.

Although many on the receiving end of the “What Ifs” singer’s wrath have remained quiet, Jill Scott has seemingly responded to Wright’s allegations encouraging those targeted to “remain strong” in a post that alludes to calling Wright a “dog.”

“LOVE and RESPECT to @common, @theroots @aliciakeys @erykahbadu @talibkweli @therealmaryjblige @diddy I sincerely appreciate your decades of musical inspiration,” Jill Scott wrote. “Thank you. Have a beautiful day Love Village. Love harder. Love smarter. Look towards the light.”

Something tells us Jaguar Wright’s next live is going to be mad spicy.