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Kelly Rowland Women's Health Magazine

Source: Djeneba Aduayom / for Women’s Health

Kelly Rowland is gracing the latest cover for Women’s Health Magazine debuting her biggest project yet: a second pregnancy.

In her cover story for the magazine, Rowland reveals all that’s been going on in her very private life over the last couple of months. 

Just like the rest of us, the “Coffee” singer’s pre-pandemic schedule was packed with the hustle-and-bustle of work, travel, and family duties. Her son Titan, 6, had to be dropped off at school before heading to the gym for a rigorous 90-minute workout session with her trainers. Admittedly, she’d secretly dream about indulging in snacks in between her weighted crunches and cardio.

After sitting in traffic and muddling through a series of meetings, she’d be due to pick-up Titan from school just in time for their very important playtime. Then it’s dinner with her family and the occasional late-night sessions at the recording studio. It gets complicated if she’s on location for her coaching gig in Sydney for the Aussie version of The Voice

Somewhere in there was a discussion about having a second child.  Earlier in the year the superstar and husband Tim Weatherspoon entertained the idea of growing their family, but plans were temporarily sidetracked once COVID-19 hit. As life has it, the couple revisited the idea and she got pregnant right away.

This time around the 39-year-old is taking it easy, with the main focus being on self-care.  During her first trimester, she battled exhaustion and struggled to find a balance between rest and staying active. 

“She spent most of her first trimester resting in bed, realizing that prenatal fitness in 2020 might look different than it did six years ago. While pregnant with Titan, ‘I swam, I did yoga, I did weights, I jogged and walked’—and Kelly credits those workouts with an easier delivery (“four pushes!” she says proudly).”

Rowland found herself overwhelmed by George Floyd and Breonna Taylor’s deaths, so she now carves out deep breathing exercises every morning as a safeguard from stress. She is raising a young Black son, after all.  

“’I’d just put Titan to bed,’” she says. ‘I got into the shower, and I had this real hard, ugly, deep cry. Because I promised to protect my kid. That was the main thing I was thinking about: protecting this little innocence.’

Her biggest job these days is carefully monitoring Titan’s exposure to the violent atrocities flashed across television and social media. 

“Other than a recent CNN/Sesame Street special about racism she had Titan watch, Kelly turns off TV news if he’s in the room—she can’t risk exposing him to traumatic imagery. She’s been more mindful, too, of where her own gaze falls, cutting back on social media. ‘The scroll factor is dangerous,’ she says, ‘and you really wanna protect your gates.’”

Congrats to her!  Read the rest of her interview below.

Photo: Women’s Health