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HHW Gaming: PS5 & Xbox Series X Review Roundup

Source: Microsoft / Sony

The next-generation of gaming is here. Now it’s time to see what the critics say about Sony and Microsoft’s new video game consoles.

Our resident gamer already shared his two-cents on the Xbox Series X, pointing out that it successfully closes the gap between PC and console gaming once Thursday’s (Nov.5) embargo lifted. Friday (Nov. 6) was the PS5’s turn, and the reviews are pouring in.

When it comes to both consoles, the consensus is very positive, with reviewers giving their honest opinions on why both the Xbox Series X and PS5 are solid entries into the next generation of gaming. We know many gamers have already made up their minds when it comes to picking which console they want to use to embark on their next-gen gaming journey, but there are still some people on the fence. Hopefully, some of these reviews, including ours, will help those undecided gamers make that important decision.

Here are some takes on the Xbox Series X:

Tom Warren of The Verge called the Xbox Series X “a next-gen PC,” giving it a solid 8 rating but did point to its lack of AAA titles at launch being a glaring negative. In a separate article, Dieter Bohn also wrote that the console signals “a good start” for Microsoft and eluded to the console’s lack of exclusive games at launch.

Ryan McCaffrey of IGN also gave the console a solid 8 describing it as a “mighty tower of power” while being impressed that Microsoft could deliver a next-gen gaming experience boxed in a minimalistic design.

Shannon Liao also had glowing words for the Xbox Series X in her review for CNN Business BUT told readers they should hold off on buying the console due to its lack of games at launch.

When it comes to the PlayStation 5, the new DualSense controller is king, with reviewers being enamored with the new gaming accessory.

Mat Paget of Gamespot said in his review that “the  PS5 is a promising console that draws a clear line for the next generation, providing an experience that doesn’t sacrifice performance for fidelity.” Speaking on the DualSense controller, Paget confirms that it is far from the gimmick some people thought it would be due to Sony reiterating that to play PS5 games, you need to use the DualSense controller.

It also helps that PS5 is literally swinging into homes with Spider-Man: Miles Morales as its lead game, which is also getting rave reviews.

Honestly, you can’t go wrong with either system, and we expect both of them to be hot items this holiday system. Each console has its loyal gamers, but it’s understandable if you’re currently on the fence when it comes to deciding which console you want. So it comes down to this, if you truly want to experience next-gen games off the rip like Spider-Man Miles Morales, then go with the PS5.

If you have no issue with waiting, want something close to a PC gaming experience, then go with Xbox Series X.

Microsoft’s Xbox Series X|S and Sony’s PS5 will be available ONLY online starting November 12.

Good luck.

Photo: Microsoft / Sony