It's a new year, and Sony is declaring if you want a PS5, you should now be able to get one.

At Gamescon, PS5 owners saw Sony’s new DualSense Edge Wireless Controller. Now we know if you want to go pro, it will set you back some coins.

Another color option for your PS5, DualSense controller, and 3D Pulse Headset is coming very soon.

Sony fans, if you have been screaming for a Backbone that looks more like your PS5 DualSense controller minus the features, your prayers have been answered.

Gamers, as expected, were not happy when the rumored news got delayed and opted to do something very despicable to get that highly coveted release date for God of War Ragnarok.

We know many of you still don’t have a PlayStation 5, so this news isn’t for you. But for those who have been fortunate to find one in the wild, the report of a PS5 Pro Controller might interest you.

Your boring white console is getting some more flavor with the addition of these new PS5 console covers. But it will cost you some coins.