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Source: NurPhoto / Getty / PlayStation 5

There is a lot of chatter around the PlayStation 5 console out there right now, including a rumored temporary price cut, PS5 Pro specs, and photos of PlayStation’s new handheld, Project Q, hitting timelines. We are here to break it all down for you.

Word on the video game streets is the PlayStation 5 will get a temporary price reduction. Spotted on Gamespot via VGC, Billbil-Kun, who has an exceptional track record of getting these kinds of reports right, claims PS5 will see a price cut in numerous global markets.

Per Gamespot:

In the US, the PS5 will reportedly see a temporary price of $50, bringing the standard disc-based system down from $500 to $450. In Germany, there is said to be a €75 price drop, bringing the system down to €480, and in Great Britain, the system is supposedly getting a price cut to £405 (down from £480).

The price drop will be effective at PlayStation Direct, as well as local retailers, the report said. It’s not immediately clear when the price cut might go into effect, if it is indeed real. GameSpot has contacted PlayStation in an attempt to get more details.

No word if that price cut will come to the PS5 All-Digital edition. It won’t be the first time if this price cut news checks out. The God of War Ragnarok PS5 bundle saw its price slashed.

A price cut would be welcomed in parts of the world (except for the US), where Sony raised the price of its console due to current economic conditions.

PS5 Pro’s Rumored Specs Hit The Web

But there could be another reason talk of temporary price cuts is happening: the long-rumored PS5 Pro.

Insider Gaming’s Mike Henderson reports via Key To Gaming the rumored specs for the upgraded PS5 model that is code-named “Project Trinity.” He also claims dev kits will reportedly be heading to studios in late November 2023.

Per Insider Gaming:

As far as specs are concerned, those, according to the report have been tough to obtain. However, two things that we do know are that the PS5 Pro will feature 18,000 MT/s memory and 30 WGP (workgroup processor).

Performance targets for the PS5 include improved frames per second (FPS) as well as better FPS stability performance at 4K resolution, an 8K “performance mode”, and accelerated ray tracing.

The last thing mentioned in the report is that the PS5 Pro is likely to be the last major hardware release from Sony for the current generation. After that, the focus is expected to shift to the development of the PlayStation 6.


Project Q Is Officially In The Wild

Photos of PlayStation’s new PS5 companion tool, Project Q, have leaked online via Reddit user u/AyoadeNBN. The footage of Project Q from Twitter user @Zuby_Tech shows that the handheld will take full advantage of the PS5’s Remote Play capabilities.

The device features a massive 8-inch LCD touchscreen snuggly secured by a DualSense controller that does feature haptic feedback plus other handheld features like volume buttons, speakers, and an audio input jack.

No word on Project Q’s final price, but its success undoubtedly hinges on its affordability. According to court documents via the Microsoft vs. FTC case, Microsoft believes Project Q will cost under $300.

If that is the case, that’s a decent asking price for the device. We shall see when PlayStation finally delivers the full details on it.

Photo: NurPhoto / Getty