PlayStation 5

The PlayStation Plus subscription service offers three tiers for subscribers and we talk a deep look at the Premium tier.

2023 is stacked, thanks mainly to games that were supposed to drop in 2022 having their wigs pushed back.

At Gamescon, PS5 owners saw Sony’s new DualSense Edge Wireless Controller. Now we know if you want to go pro, it will set you back some coins.


Rejoice Krato fanatics for we’re only a stone’s throw away from finally continuing the saga of the forsaken Spartan when God of War: Ragnarok finally releases, and to ensure you have a helluva time Sony is dropping an exclusive controller along with the game.


The PlayStation vs. Xbox wars continue to ensue as Sony has unveiled its new DualSense Edge Wireless controller which bares some similarities to that of the Xbox Elite controller.


The PlayStation 5 is almost two years old at this point and though many gamers still haven’t been able to purchase a console due to limited quantities, that isn’t keeping Sony from dropping a new VR2 headset in 2023.

We know many of you still don’t have a PlayStation 5, so this news isn’t for you. But for those who have been fortunate to find one in the wild, the report of a PS5 Pro Controller might interest you.