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PS5 Slim With Detachable Hard Drive Confirmed, Gamers React

Source: Sony / PlayStation 5 / PS5 Slim

The rumors of Sony dropping a new PS5 model were true, but it’s not the “Pro Model” everyone was anticipating.

On Tuesday, October 10, Sony hit everyone with a big surprise when it unveiled a new, slimmer PS5 model. The new model dubbed the “PS5 Slim,” is slightly smaller and shorter than the original PlayStation 5 disc and all-digital model.

What’s New?

The new PS5 Slim is not only changing esthetically but will also have some improvements. It will also come with a much-needed 1TB of internal storage, and for owners of the new slim all-digital model, a detachable Ultra HD Blu-Ray drive will be available.

The new PlayStation 5 console boasts a significant overall reduction in volume of more than 30 percent and an up to 24 percent reduction in weight, depending on what console you purchase.

There is now a significant bulge on the side where the disc drive is that Sony says you can replace with a side panel if you’re not feeling the look.

New PS5 Model

Source: Sony / PlayStation 5

“There are four separate cover panels, with the top portion in a glossy look, while the bottom remains in matte,” Sid Shuman, senior director of SIE content communications, notes while speaking on the new console’s design in a blog post. 

For those who purchase the PS5 Digital Edition, you can buy the Blu-ray disc drive later for $79.99. There are now visible slits on the console, giving it a much more sleeker look.

Gone is the single USB-C and USB-A ports. Instead, dual USB-C ports will be on the front of the console.

New PS5 Model

Source: Sony / PlayStation 5

Unlike the previous model, the new PlayStation 5 model will have a new horizontal stand. You have to dish out $29.99 separately if you want a vertical one.

New PS5 Model

Source: Sony / PlayStation 5

Price & Release Date

New PS5 Model

Source: Sony / PlayStation 5

The new PS5 model will arrive in North America in November at select retailers and Sony’s PlayStation Direct site for $449.99 without a drive or $499.99 with one.

Shuman says that the new PS5 model “will continue to roll out globally in the following months,” says Shuman. “Once inventory of the current PS5 model has sold out, the new PS5 will become the only model available.”

The announcement of the new PS5 model comes after an Insider Gaming report hinting at the tech giant working on a PS5 console with a detachable drive.

It also follows the massive Xbox leak revealing Microsoft’s plans to drop a “console refresh” of the Xbox Series X.

As you can imagine, the video game world is reacting to the news.

You can see those reactions in the gallery below.

Photos: Sony

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