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Kola Boof Talks Bin Laden

Osama Bin Laden’s Black mistress is continuing to speak out on her ex-lover and expressing shame over her former ties to the Al Qaida leader.

As previously reported, Kola Boof sent out an email last week speaking out on the death of Bin Laden, her former rapist turned lover that she wrote about in her autobiography.

On Monday Boof called in to 102 Jamz’ “Santillian and The Wild Out” to discuss Bin Laden further including the night he raped her, the terrorist’s clean bill of health and how she gave the U.S. clues to his whereabouts.

Boof also spoke out on finding out he was responsible for the September 11 attacks and feeling guilty.

 “I was so ashamed because in my mind it’s like I was with Hitler and now everyone’s gonna know…”

Check out Boof talking “being with Hitler” below.

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