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Earlier this week photos of Jay-Z doing yoga with a personal trainer hit the web and many a hater had jokes about Jigga’s “dad bod” but now we may know why Hova’s been out there getting in shape.

According to TMZ, Jay-Z has decided to continue to let his money work for him and is now investing in a new fitness program dubbed CLMBR which is about to make it’s debut with two brand new vertical climbing machines. Interestingly enough the move will pit Jay’s new venture against that of Beyoncé’s own fitness business partner, Peleton. But while Peleton’s go to product is a fitness bike, CLMBR’s is a machine that simulates vertical climbing and comes equipped with touch displays and on-demand classes with instructors.

Luckily for Jay though, he isn’t alone on his latest investment as other celebs will also be putting paper on the next up and coming fitness brand.

Jay-Z’s not the only celeb who sees an opportunity to make a buck with CLMBR …Novak Djokovic, the top men’s tennis player in the world, is also investing. Jay and Bey’s longtime fitness consultant, Marco Borges, is on board too, plus YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley.

With such backing it seems like CLMBR’s bound to succeed. Whether or not Jay-Z ends up with a toned physical degree remains to be seen though.