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Ice Cube became something of a pariah in the Hip-Hop community after lobbying hard for an audience for his Contract With Black America, eventually connecting with President Donald Trump, much to the dismay of many. According to one of the most prominent Black leaders living today, it’s being reported that the West Coast Hip-Hop veteran went radio silent to discuss the CWBA in detail.

As reported by theGrio, Alicia Garza, one of the co-founders of Black Lives Matter, recently said that a planned discussion between herself and Cube never materialized despite his well-publicized attempts to get eyes on the CWBA.

From theGrio:

Garza recently questioned Ice Cube’s commitment to that vow. On a recent appearance on The Clay Cane Show via SiriusXM Urban View, she responded with a straightforward “No” when asked if Ice Cube had followed through with a desire to work together on his CWBA. Last month, he agreed to partner with Garza during an appearance on Roland Martin Unfiltered. However, she’s reached out twice since then and hasn’t received any response.

“I would like to say for the record that I did reach out to him, both in the group chat that Roland [Martin] put us on directly after the show. And I reached out to him individually and, no, I did not ever hear back,” the activist said.

As it stands, Ice Cube was initially rebuffed by the Joe Biden campaign after introducing the CWBA during the presidential campaign. Cube and others stated that Biden couldn’t grant the rapper an audience until he knew if he could actually push forward some of its ideas.

It looks as if Cube has already moved on with his own planning for the CWBA, which he claims was constructed in conjunction with other Black thought leaders and experts with the aim of bringing economic equity to the forefront for Black Americans among other aims.

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