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Waka Flocka was recently dragged after identifying as a Trump supporter, but it appears his mother, Deb Antney, was the reason behind his political endorsement.

On Tuesday (Dec 8), the exclusive clip was released for the upcoming season of Growing Up Hip-Hop was released and it revealed the shocking news about Deb Antney‘s political affiliation–that she is a Trump supporter.

The revelation, which was made in front of fellow cast members Da Brat, Drea Kelly, and LeLee Lyons at a brunch event, naturally triggered strong reactions, including Waka’s wife Tammy Rivera went so far as to say she was willing to disown her mother in law for the controversial point of view.

When the news hit the circle, the friends

“I f*ck with Trump,” said Antney.

“You’re very ignorant to me,” Lyons responds.

Of course, the news traveled quickly.

“Deb is a full-on Trump supporter,” Kelly tells some of her other cast members in a different scene.

“That sh*t is crazy,” adds Bow Wow.

After the news was discovered by the crew of friends, it was a matter of time before Waka Flocka caught wind of his mother’s support of the current and problematic President, the “It’s A Party” rapper was seemingly unbothered by his mom’s support of Trump but instead worried about Rivera’s response.

“If my wife finds out, it’s gonna be bad news,” says Waka during a confessional.

“I would hate to disown my own mother-in-law,” says Tammy Rivera during her confessional.

Eventually, it all comes to a head during a face-to-face sit-down between Rivera and Antney, who tells her daughter-in-law, “Damn it, you don’t know sh-t.”

Check out the fiery exchange in an exclusive clip from the Jasmine Brand below.