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It looks like T.I. and Waka Flocka are experiencing some difficulties and it may be the reason why the “Groves St. Party” rapper no longer has an Instagram page.

HotNewHipHop reports that the profile disappeared shortly after responding to T.I.’s posts addressing violence occurring in their hometown. 

“Atlanta is a beautiful progressive city filled with black excellence,” the “Family Hustle” star wrote on Instagram. “We uplift each other & win together. Stop coming here to kill each other. That shit is played out.” 

The post was accompanied by the following caption: “Handle YOUR beefs in YOUR city. Thx in advance.”

Fans immediately suspected the post was in response to the fatal shooting of King Von, who died over the weekend after beefing with local rapper Quando Rondo and his crew at the Monaco Hookah Lounge in Atlanta. T.I. quickly denied the accusation and cleared up the confusion with another post.

“I don’t speak ill of my allies,” he clarified in his message. “My last post had nothing to do with King Von. Y’all grossly mistaken, I have no motive or intention to do harm or malice to cats I’m cool wit. My family’s hearts goes out to them and I’ve expressed this to the people in his life that matter most in this situation. That’s all I’m concerned with.”   

He captioned the post, “But I know IG ain’t da place for understanding & miserable people love to keep up shit. Be Eazy ✌🏽”

Waka Flocka Flame disagreed with the “Live Your Life” rapper and posted his own response in a video post. 

“I don’t know how to put this. Aye look, never talk down on people when you once was the person that you talking down on,” said Waka. “I don’t give a f*ck what the scenario is. Ever. And I’m talking about guys that come from the streets, not ones that say they did. Bruh, I don’t care how far I get in life; I would never look down on anybody in the streets or anything they ever do in the streets because I understand the laws and lifestyle that come with it and when you understand sh*t like that, a lot of things you not supposed to talk about. You not. Just sayin’. N***as know what they signed up for.”

Shortly after his Instagram account disappeared. It’s unclear if he personally deleted it or if was taken down by another means.  Either way, it’s not good that the clash is diverting attention away from King Von’s tragedy.