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UFC 244: Masvidal v Diaz

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Ever since turning Nate Robinson into the butt of many jokes and even an online challenge, Jake Paul‘s really been feeling himself something ridiculous.

It’s gotten to the point where the YouTube personality has been talking ish to UFC icon and former champion, Conor McGregor and not only challenging him to a fight but even offered the Irish arse kicker a $50 million purse to get it done.

Taking to IG to call him out for “ducking” him (uh-huh), Paul went for the jugular and called him a “c*nt” and even called his wife a “4” on a scale from 1 to 10. Accusing McGregor of being scared of losing to a YouTuber, Paul went on to call out UFC’s head white man in charge, Dana White by calling him a “p*ssy” and a “bald b*tch!”

While this seems like all showmanship and/or overconfidence in one’s own mediocre hand skills for knocking out a Black man who obviously didn’t know how to throw hands, UFC’s Nate Diaz decided he’d had enough and took to Twitter to clap and slap up Paul for knowing not what he does. Saying that the overconfident YouTuber needs his “ass beat” for being a “spoiled f*ck,” the 21-12-0 UFC fighter called it as it is stating, “u can’t really fight dumbsh*t.”

He’s not wrong.

Seeing an opportunity to further annoy actual fighters, Paul responded to Diaz with a typical white boy threat saying “You saw what happened to the other Nate.”

Maybe Paul should offer Nate that $50 million purse for one-on-one and show and prove he’s the real deal. Worst case scenario, Pual ends up getting knocked out and lives the rest of his life nursing his wounds. Best case scenario, he gets knocked out and lives life in humiliation. Either way, we’ll all be entertained.

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