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It is a well-documented fact that Royce da 5’9 and Eminem are close friends in Hip-Hop and that their connection is more of a brotherhood than anyone on the outside can understand. While hosting a Clubhouse chat, Nickel Nine got into some funk with The Source co-founder Dave Mays regarding Slim Shady which got testy.

As Clubhouse becomes one of the hottest spaces online for industry minds to meet and, at times, hash out their varying opinions, fans are uploading the previously privatized chats to social media, especially when veer off into the spicy side.

Inside the room featured the likes of Just Blaze, Van Lathan, Punch of TDE, and King Los among others discussing Eminem’s legacy, loosely at that, along with the aforementioned. It appeared that many in the room attempted to discredit Eminem’s Detroit roots, his place in Hip-Hop, and attempting to outwit Royce on knowledge about one of his closest friends.

Trying to catalog the long conversation would be too much and it’s best as a full listen. Mays, who was allied with Benzino, who recently feuded with Joyner Lucas along with static with Slim Shady, had the most energy for his takes on Em as it related to Royce.

The conversation slowly unraveled as Mays was intent on talking down on Eminem’s n-word usage from an older demo tape and saying that stories about Eminem’s upbringing were falsified. ANnoyed with the back and forth, Royce kicked Mays off the call around the 25:00-minute mark but not before dropping off some heavy talk in the process.

Listening in on this conversation felt invasive but we’re sharing it for editorial purposes below.

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