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Title For Third 'Spider-Man' Film Revealed After Trolling Fans

Source: Theo Wargo / Getty

Finally, the title of Peter Parker’s third cinematic adventure in the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe has been revealed.

True believers rejoice. The next installment in the Spider-Man movie franchise will be Spider-Man: No Way Home.

As with anything Marvel, there has to be some theatrics. Wednesday (Feb.24), comic book nerds lost their minds when Tom Holland shared on Instagram that the movie would be called Spider-Man: Phone Home along with the still photo from the film.

As expected, the MCU sirens went off with everyone believing that the next film’s title was until Jacob Batalon, who plays his best friend Ned in the films, dropped another title, Spider-Man: Home-Wrecker, with a different photo from the film.

Fans immediately knew something was up and instantly believed Zendaya, who plays Peter Parker’s love interest, MJ, in the superhero movies, would be the one with the official title. As expected, she too dropped a title, Spider-Man: Home Slice. Yes, she also had a new photo to share from the upcoming film.

No one was really buying that was the name of the film either, and then a couple of minutes later, a post from the official Spider-Man movie Instagram account dropped the real bomb. The post features a video of Holland walking out of director Jon Watts disappointed, revealing to Batalon and Zendaya that he gave them another fake title. Holland expresses confusion about why Watts keeps giving him fake names with Batalon and Zenday pointing to Holland’s propensity to spill the beans about his Spidey movies accidentally.

While the trio continues to bickers, they happen to walk past a whiteboard with the film’s actual title, Spider-Man: No Way Home, written on surrounded by all the other rejected titles.

Immediately fans began to pick the whiteboard apart for clues, with some believing the hex drawings that appear on it somehow hint that film will somehow have a connection with the Disney+ original Marvel series WandaVision.

Some fans think those fake titles aren’t that fake and suggest that it could mean a particular villain could be showing up in the film.

Last but certainly not least, there was that big rumor that we could see the return of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield in their roles as the webhead, a rumor that Holland denied when speaking with Jimmy Fallon while promoting his new film Cherry. We’re gonna take his denial with a grain of salt, being that Jamie Foxx’s Electro from Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Alfred Molina’s Doctor Octopus from Spider-Man 2 have been confirmed to return.

Well, we will have to wait and see. We don’t expect a trailer anytime soon, being that Spider-Man: No Way Home isn’t set to swing into theaters until December, but one thing we are will to put our money on is the multiverse will play a serious role in the film.

Photo: Theo Wargo / Getty