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Nintendo Swith Model With OLED Display Reportedly Dropping This Year

Source: SOPA Images / Getty

It’s been long-rumored that Nintendo would be dropping a new Nintendo Switch model. This latest report is the closest thing to a confirmation of said model we have gotten yet.

Bloomberg reports Nintendo will be dropping an upgraded Switch model this year with an OLED screen. According to the report, Samsung Display will be supplying the 7-inch 720p rigid OLED panel, and it will go into mass production sometime in June.

The current Nintendo Switch model has a  6.2-inch 720p LCD panel, while the Nintendo Switch Lite sports a 5.5-inch 720p LCD. One of the biggest complaints about the current Nintendo Switch model is that it has a hard time running many games at a native resolution while being used in handheld mode. Bloomberg states in its report that the rumored upgraded console will support 4K graphics when docked and displayed on a television.

As far as a release date, nothing solid has been revealed. Still, according to sources, gamers can expect the new Nintendo Switch model to arrive in time for the holiday season, with the displays shipping to manufactures in July. According to the report, Nintendo isn’t too ambitious regarding how many consoles will be available at launch, suggesting that its initial monthly target will be “just under a million units.” This is probably based on the extremely high demand for the console due to more people resorting to gaming due to being stuck at home becuase of the pandemic.

Nintendo has been trying its best to push out Switch consoles that have been extremely hard to find and will more than likely try to meet the demand by making and shipping as many consoles as possible.

Photo: SOPA Images / Getty