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Kirk Franklin and his 32-year-old son Kerrion Franklin have been the center of discussion all weekend after a leaked phone call posted by the younger Franklin went viral. After the profanity-laced argument made its rounds, the Gospel star has since apologized over the argument but his daughter, Kennedy Franklin, defended her dad’s actions via social media.

On Saturday (March 13), Kerrion leaked a portion of a phone call between him and his father then explained his actions in a lengthy Instagram caption.

“This is why I’m done. No father should speak to their children like this,” opened the caption. “If I have any issues it’s because Of this type of treatment that ii deal with behind closed doors.”

Kerrion continued, “Hanging up in my face, No apology, no compassion, no effort. Stop telling me to go home to my family I don’t even know where they live. I don’t think I’ll ever trust my father to be alone around him ever again. I didn’t want to do this.”

The elder Franklin posted a video on Sunday (March 14) explaining his side of the argument but did so from an apologetic space.

“For many years we have had a toxic relationship with him as a family,” Franklin said.  “We’ve tried for many years through counseling, through therapy to try to rectify this private family matter. Recently, my son and I had an argument that he chose to record. I felt extremely disrespected in that conversation and I lost my temper. I said words that are not appropriate.”

Kennedy spoke about the situation via her social media channels and essentially said that she’s ready to go to bat for her father and stated that her brother has shown massive disrespect towards their parent. YouTube channel 9 Mag TV grabbed Kennedy’s video for viewing below.

What are your thoughts? Was Kirk Franklin out of line or was his son Kerrion Franklin at fault? How do you feel about Kennedy Franklin’s stance? Sound off in the comments section or on our socials (@HipHopWired) to let us know.

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