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A week after announcing he was “retiring” from the music game, rapper/producer Southside has been pinched in South Florida on weapons charges.

NBC Miami is reporting that the 32-year-old, whose government name is Joshua Luellen, was arrested this past Sunday (March 14) after police pulled him over for driving a Mercedes SUV with a “heavily tinted windshield” while Black (okay, we threw that last part in but y’all know the deal). Upon inspection, police found that Southside wasn’t just driving with a suspended license, but also had a concealed firearm in his possession.

The 808 Mafia member tried to wiggle himself out of the situation by telling the officers he had a Georgia driver license, but just didn’t have it on him at the time. After running his information, police found that Southside’s Florida license had been suspended since May 2019. Nice try, homie, but po-leece aren’t known for just taking heads word for it.

After that it was all downhill from there

The report said Luellen had a handgun between his shoes and another on the floorboard behind the passenger seat. Both were fully loaded, the report said.

Luellen told the officers that he actually had a concealed weapons permit card for the guns, but a records check showed that too had been suspended for unknown reasons.

“I advised Joshua that he was in violation of his CCW permit by having the firearms within reach and not secured in the glove box or encased in a box inside the vehicle,” the officer wrote in the report.

Southside was then taken into custody and charged before being released on $5,500 bond.

Looks like Southside might have to put his retirement plans on hold because he’ll be spending some good cash on proper representation for these charges.