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Ghost Brothers

Source: discovery+ / Discovery

For years we’ve gotten more than our fair share of reality TV series where white folk hunt for ghosts in abandoned mansions and facilities, but now we have three Black men full engaged the ghost hunting business (for the past  6 years together, actually) and it’s about to get even more comedically lit.

Ghost Brothers

Source: discovery+ / Discovery

Discovery+ is debuting a brand new ghost-hunting series dubbed Ghost Brothers: Lights Out, which stars Dalen Spratt, Juwan Mass and Marcus Harvey, as our all-Black paranormal investigating team who look for evidence of the afterlife even if it means scaring the bejesus outta themselves. Judging from the press release the new series is bound to make viewers jump as much as it makes them laugh.

Marcus and Juwan kick off each investigation by entering haunted sites without any prior knowledge of the paranormal territory they are walking into. Dalen, on the other hand, knows all the creepy history. Observing from his own mission control center, he guides his friends through the most active areas of the property. Going in blind, Marcus and Juwan must discover for themselves what matches up with the legend and what does not.

If the rachetness of Discovery+’s 90 Day Fiancé original series isn’t enough to get you to subscribe to their service, Ghost Brothers just might change your mind.

The trailer to the upcoming series isn’t just filled with creepy and comedic moments, but also begs the question: what the heck were they packing in the trunk?! There is also the Ghost Brothers: Fright Club and Ghost Brothers: Haunted Houseguests series, so it’s a growing franchise.

Check out the trailer for Ghost Brothers: Lights Out below and let us know if this peaks your interest.

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