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Since the VMA’s aired on Sunday, it has been quite a tumultuous and stressing week for rapper Kanye West.  A single bottle of Hennessy and an outburst that interrupted an “innocent” white country singer has spelled disaster for the Def Jam artist.

In an attempt to rectify the situation that he has created, West has used numerous outlets such as Twitter and the Jay Leno show to express his remorse for his actions. The rapper has, however, finally spoken to Taylor Swift directly to issue an apology which will hopefully close the chapter to this prolonged story. 

While speaking on The View, Swift had made comments on the spectacle and told viewers that she has still not received a call from Mr. West.  A rep for the view, however, cleared the air and stated that the rapper had actually reached out to Swift and was able to speak with her over the phone BEFORE the episode with Swift aired.  He first called the ABC studio to talk with the singer and then spoke to her again after the show closed out to give her a direct apology.   

After the show, Swift spoke with ABC News Radio and elaborated on the discussion and how everything has been settled.

“Kanye did call me.  He was very sincere in his apology, and I accepted that apology.”  When asked if “going down the road, everything will be all right between the two artists, Swift replied, “Yeah, definitely.”

Now that West has survived the fire that he set, it might be time for the rapper to take 10 steps back and reflect on everything.  Outside of the music, West has gone through a lot, which was detailed in 808s and Heartbreak and he has yet to take time out away from being in the public eye.  On Leno, he stated that it might be time for him to take a break and step down from everything for awhile and this might be the best time to do it.