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The battle over gay rights rages on in a huge way on the west coast, though admittedly, in something of an odd yet ingenious way. John Marquette, owner/proprietor of and unlikely religious fighter, has introduced a highly controversial proposal to California’s state legislature. In a move that is designed to show the hypocrisy over Proposition 8, the inflammatory addition to California’s constitution that declares marriage can only be between a man and a woman, Marcotte has introduced the “California Protection of Marriage Act.”

Appearing on Californian’s voting ballots next year, the move would make 99.9% of California’s marriages legally impossible to get out of, except in cases involving minors or those whom are not mentally capable of knowing the repercussions and responsibilities involved in the union.

“Sometimes other people need to sacrifice in order to protect my idea about traditional marriage. It’s just a fact of life. It’s not about their soul-sucking sham of a marriage, it’s about what we value as a society. We live in a divorce promiscuous society. It’s on the television, it’s in movies, the newspapers. It’s even in our kids textbooks. I’m Catholic. In my religion, divorce is a sin. Completely impermissible,” exclaimed Marcotte while speaking on the “motivation” behind his proposed plan and of whether a man and woman should have the right to divorce if that is what they truly desire.

Here is the actual proposition sent to California’s legislature:

Here is a the actual proposition sent to California’s legislature:

Here is the link to Marcotte’s anti-divorce website.

Check out Marcotte and anti-divorce protestors here.

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