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The Chinese government and Tencent’s joint effort has led to the takedown of what is being described as the “world’s biggest” video game cheating rings.

As a result of the joint effort, the operation hilariously called “Chicken Drumstick,” which sold cheat codes on a website to customers worldwide, was shut down the BBC reports. As a result, 17 cheat codes were destroyed, and local authorities arrested 10 people on March 31. A subscription to the website cost between $10 a day to $200 a month, the organization made roughly $76 million in revenue just off subscriptions.

According to the report, authorities seized approximately $46 million worth of assets, including luxury cars like Lamborghinis, McLarens, and Ferraris. The organization supplied cheat codes to players for popular online games Overwatch and Call of Duty Mobile.

According to the BBC, it is described as the “world’s biggest” cheating case because of the large sums of money and games involved. With gaming competitions rapidly growing in popularity and the prize money dramatically increasing, there has been an intense crackdown on cheating in video games.

This news follows Activision booting 60,000 people from Call of Duty and Warzone for cheating.  Epic Games has also been going hard in the paint, removing cheaters from Fortnite and have caught some prominent names playing dirty.

Let this serve as a warning to you cheaters out there, you’re being watched, and it’s going to be game over for you sooner than later.

Photo: Drs Producoes / Getty