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Spider-Man: Far From Home

Source: Sony Pictures / Sony Pictures

Prepare to see Spider-Man on damn near every channel and streaming platform out there come this summer.

According to Deadline, Disney and Sony have reached a deal that will allow Disney+ to feature the Sony property on their streaming service alongside every other Marvel related show and movie. Up until now Disney+ was unable to include Spider-Man in their Marvel category on Disney+ as the franchise is owned by Sony. But now Sony has reached an agreement for the post-pay-1 release window which will allow Disney+ along with Hulu, Freeform, ABC and FX to air some web-slinging flicks.

Theatrical releases from 2022 to 2026 will move to Disney after their runs on Netflix, which earlier this month announced a deal with Sony for a pay-1 exclusive as well as co-production rights to direct-to-streaming films.

Financial terms were not disclosed in the release and the companies to declined to comment on any dollar figures. A person familiar with the pact estimated the total combined value of the Netflix and Disney deals at more than $3 billion.

At the end of the day, it’s all about the paper.

Keith Le Goy, president of worldwide distribution and networks for Sony Pictures Entertainment, called the new deal a “groundbreaking agreement” as it will also grant the included networks the rights to other films such as Jumanji, Hotel Transylvania, and many others.

Looks like comic book fans are going to have Disney+ on 24/7 come June when the deal is set to kick in.

Are y’all excited about Spidey films getting streamed all across the board or have y’all already seen them hundreds of times on cable? Let us know in the comments section.