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Sony PlayStation 5 Console

Source: Future Publishing / Getty

StockX confirmed what we already knew about the PS5 console being sold on the online marketplace.

There are still many gamers out there who don’t have a PS5 and have no clue when they can rectify that issue, being that Sony themselves aren’t so sure when production of the consoles will finally meet demand. One of the many reasons contributing to the fact it’s just so damn hard to buy a PS5 is because of scalpers, aka resellers on the internet.

Video Games Chronicles reports the company has shared some eye-opening and infuriating data regarding the number of PS5 consoles sold in the United States. A ridiculous 55,000 units of the digital edition and 83,000 units of the disc edition have been sold on StockX alone. To make matters worse, gamers have been paying well over retail price for Sony’s next-gen console, with the average selling price hovering between $741 and $800.

Back in February President, Joe Biden’s administration said it wanted to review supply chain issues that were causing PS5, Xbox Series X, and graphics card shortages but hasn’t addressed the PS5 scalping issue. Meanwhile, in the U.K., the country is trying to ban the practice altogether by proposing a bill that would restrict the resale of video game consoles. There is no clear indication that the bill will pass, but honestly, it’s a great idea to help stop the madness, and frankly, the United States should also look into doing the same.

Recently, Sony CFO Hiroki Totoki claimed the PS5 shortage could last well into 2022, while PlayStation boss Jim Ryan offered a small glimmer of hope by claiming we could see PS5 production “ramp up” over the summer. 

We hope that people can finally get their hands on one and experience what those who have been fortunate to buy one have been ranting and raving about.

Photo: Future Publishing / Getty