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Even though the case has been closed and Corey “C-Murder” Miller may have hit rock bottom, the rapper is planning to release a new project. Titled Calliope Click, the album is scheduled for a September 29 release date and will be released through RBC Records.

The first single for the upcoming project is titled, “It’s So Hard” which seems fitting for a man dealing with his particular circumstances.

Rappers like Shyne and Beanie Sigel have taken their circumstances behind bars and utilized their experiences to craft records for fans to sit on while they do their bid. With a life sentence ahead of him, Miller should have a lot to say as he prepares himself for the lifetime behind bars.

Brett Morrow, Director of Online Marketing for RBC Records, has stated that they intend to take action on behalf of the rapper to see his release from confinement.

“We have contacted the NAACP and are currently organizing the community for several protests of his arrest,” Morrow said. “We hope to have Corey home soon and once and for all vindicated in the court of law.”

Miller was recently convicted and sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for second degree murder. Since then, the rapper has decided to appeal the murder charge and resources such as the NAACP have stated that they would like to step in and aid the rapper.

Many opinions have weighed in on the final verdict. TRU Records artist Tomeka stated that the government within Louisiana was against the rappers innocence from the start and adds that the case might have been handled incorrectly or with a sense of bias. A racist mentality might have led to the downfall of Miller.

Speaking with HipHopWired, rapper Lil Boosie gave an update on what is going on in the state of Louisiana and how it has yet to repair itself.

“It got way worse than it was. Our murder rate is high. It’s crazy down here. It’s a recession, people are hungry man. Our governor, he’s an a-hole, he just turned down damn near millions people to get jobs, we in a bad predicament, the court system all messed up they throwing people away, it’s crazy, it’s crazy in Baton Rogue.”

Whatever the outcome might come to be for Miller, he still has another 10 year sentence that he must face as well. Sometimes a person must call a spade a spade and accept the fact that it is what it is. Stop raising questions when the answer seems clear.