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O’Reilly To Lupe Fiasco: “President Obama Is Not A Terrorist”

Bill O’Reilly wouldn’t normally run to the defense of Barack Obama but with such a bold statement from rapper Lupe Fiasco who called the US president a terrorist, Mr. O’Reilly invited the emcee born as Wasalu Jaco to The O’Reilly Factor.

The debate featured condescending statements from O’Reilly who stated that rappers don’t have political science PhDs, he defined the word fallacious for Mr. Jaco’s benefit and he broke down the reason for the war in Afghanistan claiming that it was not solely to find Bin Laden.

Lupe retorted with strong points that did not single out Obama but he named the entire militaristic foreign policy, the root causes of terrorism and all American presidents as the fuel for his outcry.

The educated emcee snuck in his own jabs offering to license the name switch of the show to The Fiasco Factor when Bill tried to use Lupe’s name in a sly manner. Judge the battle for yourself