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Rap-A-Lot Records Suing Pimp C’s Wife Over Master Recordings

Chinara Butler, wife of deceased rapper Pimp C claims that after his death in 2007 she was not compensated properly for sales of her husband’s music.

As a result, she not only altered the contract he signed with Rap-A-Lot 2k Records in 2000 allegedly giving the label sole rights to his masters recordings but her lawyer sent a cease-and-desist letter to end any future work with them according to Allhiphop.

Rap-A-Lot filed their own lawsuit attempting to establish legal entitlement to Pimp Cā€™s brand, including his music, name and public image.

Chinara is the controller of the rapper’s estate and although he owes the label 10 masters recordings to close his deal, the courts will have to decide whether or not it will happen.