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Brooklyn rapper Fabolous has finally put an end to gossip surrounding past rumors about him and video vixen Amber Rose and denied ever sleeping with the bald bombshell.

During an interview with radio host Tim Westwood, Fabo  laughed when asked if he’s ever smushed Rose, responding with:

“Did I ever smush,” Fab said, repeating Tim Westwood’s question. “Smush? What kind of word is that? Is that like a UK word for [sex]? Uh, OK. No. She’s just a friend. Kanye West to me to Wiz Khalifa? Nah. I was out of that stepping stone. I got moved out of that equation. I guess it just went from Kanye to Wiz.”

Fab also commented on whether or not he’d pay for a Nicki Minaj lapdance like the ones her fans receive at her show.

“Only if we got the smush.  If the smushing is part of the package than yea!”

Peep the full interview below to hear Fab speak on smushing and more