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DMX Discusses His Dislike For Skinny Jeans, Drake & Jay-Z

How would you feel if you were once on top of the rap game wearing baggy jeans, Timbs, no shirt and a dog chain for most of your career and after numerous stints in and out of prison, you see the game is synonymous with trendy, upscale fashion and friendly music?

You would probably feel like Dark Man X, aka Earl Simmons, aka DMX.

The incarcerated rapper spoke with, and in part two of his interview he opened up about his feelings on the current state of the rap game. “I’m not gonna disrespect anybody or shout anybody out, but it’s sad the s**t I’m seeing here. All we got is 106 & Park in jail. And it’s like ‘wow, this is the Top 10?’ Like really?”

X admitted he liked Nicki Minaj but when asked about her labelmate Drake he proclaimed, “I don’t like Drake. It’s nothing that he did to me, He actually is talented. He’s very talented…He has a little wordplay here and there, but when I see him and hear him it’s like—‘Money, I’m not rockin with that.’”

And Simmons feels the same way about skinny jeans. The man claims he will get out of jail and rock Timberlands and baggy jeans with no problem. “Those are baby clothes. What are you shopping at Baby Gap???”

X hadn’t worn sneakers in ten years so he’s definitely not a follower. He feels like the hardcore element in rap is missing but he states rap has always been “the voice of the voiceless.”

DMX’s voice was once compared to Ja Rule, and the two had some disagreements years ago that had been squashed since they saw each other at VH1’s Hip-hop honors. But X remarked that even though they exchanged words and were cool, “he’s just not the type of N***a that I would hang with. He never was the type of N***a I would hang with.”

Dark Man X would hang with Nas, Raekwon, Cam, Ghostface, and he would even sign to Def Jam if that deal was available. The old Def Jam that is.

When asked about his final days there under the reign of Jay-Z at Def Jam, X began to offer his thoughts on Hov.

“I had the show. And somebody in the crowd was like ‘What’s up with Jay-Z’ and I was like ‘F**k Jay-Z’. And it ended up all over the place. So he called Swizz, Swizz called me, and he tells Swizz ‘Yoo, why your man dissin me? I was gonna do a song with him’—Coulda, woulda, shoulda. F**king bulls**t. I don’t wanna hear that s**t.

X noted that they were real friends after mutual friend Irv Gotti deaded their rap war which involved the infamous battle at the pool hall in the Bronx.

We realized when you’re young like that you sometimes mistake when you battle somebody for beef. But we realized, there’s no beef involved. I don’t even know you to not like you. 

We earned each other’s friendship. And we became good friends. We wasn’t hanging out all the time—we two different type of niggas. But you know, if I see him somewhere we hang out.”

But Jay becoming president of Def Jam then X getting dropped shortly after put a dent in their friendship.

X isn’t sour, he has a month left before his release, he is in talks to develop a real sequel to Belly with Nas and Method Man, he’s over 20 songs deep for his new album and his reality show will highlight the family that he calls his own containing 6 baby mothers and 10 children.