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Nike SNKRS exclusive access

Source: Nike / NIke

The Nike SNKRS app launched in 2015 with the intent of provided access to new releases, but lately it has become as dependable as the lottery when it comes to hitting on a coveted sneaker. With a gang of hyped sneakers set to drop this summer, including Virgil Abloh’s Nike x Off-White Dunks, the Exclusive Access is “evolving” to reward those who actively engage with SNKRS.

Besides one of the only places to cop limited edition releases and collabs, SNKRS also provides plenty of content in series like Kickcheck and SNKRS Live so you’re not just in the app looking at pretty pictures of shoes you hope to get the “Got ‘Em” message on come release day. According to Nike, the Exclusive Access release model will reward “Nike Members and engaged participants” but offering better access to exclusives.

Basically, this is confirmation that the more you use the app by watching programming, joining draws and participating in polls, amongst other factors, it will definitely improve your chances of getting early opportunities to cop shoes before the bots and backdoor bandits get their paws on them.

Nike broke down all the ways of improving your chances and making sure you don’t miss your shot:

1. Exclusive Access invitations extend personalized purchase offers to members of the SNKRS community based on their engagement with the SNKRS app. Exclusive Access may be delivered before the general launch, after the general launch, or delivered in absence of a general launch – some drops may release only via Exclusive Access.

2. There are 50+ variables which may be used to determine which members are awarded Exclusive Access for a given product. These variables span prior launch entries on SNKRS, content engagement, poll responses, as well as a number of other factors. While the variables are combined in different ways for each Exclusive Access release, the goal is always to reward the most deserving members.

3. Exclusive Access is always delivered via a Push Notification, so members should be sure to have their Push Notifications enabled for SNKRS, invitations are good only for a limited time. Additionally, Exclusive Access does not mean a pair is reserved for in a member’s size, but rather assures first chance at the product.

4. Invitations for Exclusive Access to the Nike x Off-White Dunk on SNKRS will be available to select members of the community August 9 and continue over multiple days.

Fifty plus variables, though? Coincidentally, Abloh is allegedly dropping 50 versions of his Off-White Dunks, so that’s going to be plenty of Got ‘Ems but a legion of L’s, too.

We’ll have to wait and see if more deserving people start getting W’s with this summer’s drops.

Nike SNKRS exclusive access

Source: Nike / NIke