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Thousands Of Dogs Slaughtered For Chinese Festival

A food festival in Yulin, China is drawing the ire of many animal rights groups as the main dish at the event will be dog meat taken from the 15,000 pooches who were slaughtered to accommodate the event.

But the people of Yulin, known for making dog meat delicacies, don’t see what the big problem is.

Local Lu Hin explained:

“It is just like other meat. Smaller animals tend to be more delicate and sweeter while very big dogs have a strong, muscular taste.”

The festival started a couple years ago and draws sizable crowds of people who descended upon the city to take part in the event.

The dog meat industry however has come under fire recently with many animal rights groups claiming animal cruelty.

A similar festival held by The Korea Dog Farmers’ Association was canceled last week in South Korea, after a number of animal rights groups petitioned in protest.

“This is making our country an international laughing stock,” Park So-Youn, head of Coexistence of Animal Rights on

Earth told the Associated Press, “and making the whole world mistakenly believe that all South Koreans eat dogs,”

Authorities in the area are proposing a new legislation that would ban the harvesting and consumption of dog meat.


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