HipHopWired: So you’re producing television shows, not starring in them yourself.

Karrine Steffans: I’m executive producing. The shows are mine; they’re based off my books. The first one is based off The Vixen Manual which is auctioned by the President of FOX Television Studios. The script I wrote last year, I’ve been sitting on it for a year. This is the year where we’re honing the script and getting ready to package it and send it out to different networks.

HipHopWired: Do you have an idea of anyone you’d like to cast? Anyone who you could see playing out the scenes in the book for you?

Karrine Steffans: That’s the one thing I’m not really sure of. I think the most important character would be the main character but I don’t see her yet. I don’t see her. I have her description and she’s written on paper but I don’t see her as a person yet. That’s something they’re gonna ask me about very soon. [Laughs] I gotta get working on that next.

HipHopWired: Back to you, we saw a video online where you said, “the vixen does not exist”, this is fictitious. I think people were confused by that, are you saying the books you put out previously are fabricated?

Karrine Steffans: I think people are confused because people are stupid.

HipHopWired: I think people might be taking it out of context.

Karrine Steffans: Generally people are not that smart and in general people don’t listen and in general people don’t understand a lot of things that are said and done. To clarify, that was a clip from a documentary we’re filming. It is exactly what you said verbatim “The vixen does not exist.” That persona and that person does not exist, it’s a character that has to be put on. When I’m promoting something, I’m promoting it. If I go out as my regular self I’m gonna bore you to death. I’m not exciting.

Just like in any other business you have to put on your “face”, you have to be careful and say what people want you to say and be who people want you to be. It’s all contrived. In that clip I was putting on makeup and about to go to a meeting where I had to be this character because I’m selling something. It’s frustrating to me, people who know me know I don’t wear makeup, my hair is in a bun; I don’t do any of that stuff. It’s frustrating for me to have to put on. I’m getting too old to do that. That’s what the clip said verbatim and the words were on the screen. I don’t get how people got it wrong. It just shows you how stupid a portion of the population actually is.

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