Karrine Steffans: Basically. For me doing this book was like pulling teeth. It was like them pulling teeth from me. Like, “Karrine we really need you to do a chapter on…whatever the Fawk.” And I’m like, [sighs], and I have to call my researcher and say, “Okay what did you find out about glory holes?

Alright, send it over. It was not a good experience for me, it was not from my heart. It had nothing to do with me. At least with “Confessions,” it wasn’t my choice for a first book but it was about me.

So there was something there that served me. “Diaries”, I didn’t want to write it the way it was written. It was supposed to be introspective and a follow-up on me after Confessions, the aftermath. But they [the publisher] didn’t want that, it wasn’t juicy enough. They wanted sex and names and they called me out and said if I didn’t put that in there I had to give back the money. Now I’m forced to put things in there that I don’t want to put in. In 2004 when “The Manual” came out I was really happy. That was my baby. “Satisfaction” is my editor’s idea, they named it, I was just kind of the workhorse. I wasn’t connected to it. It’s a difficult book for me to sell.

HipHopWired: Are you excited about it coming out at all?

Karrine Steffans: I’m not married to the idea. A lot of artists come to the point where when you first begin it’s all so exciting, and when get into the business of it, the business steals the love. My editor has quit, she’s no longer with the company and now I’m stuck with this book that I never really wanted in the first place. This book is too raunchy for me to read.

This book is super slutty, this is for the freak of all freaks. I read it and I wince. I was like “Oh my God.” There are a few stories from my personal life but everything else is like, WOW. I know there’s definitely an audience for it and people who’ll love it but it’s not part of my life. I’m not married to the project at all.

HipHopWired: Are you worried that the project is going to add to the misconception that you’re so oversexed?

Karrine Steffans: I do, I worry about that. And that’s why this is it. This is my last book. I can’t afford to have a publisher tell me that if I don’t write this I won’t get paid. That’s a very difficult decision for a single mom to make. It’s like okay if I don’t do this we don’t eat. I get paid a lot of money for books. If someone says we’re not gonna pay you that’s money I won’t get paid for two or three years. I am concerned. And I talked to the publicist that they hired and I talked to them about it like, “Dude you can’t give away lube…”

HipHopWired: Yeah they’re offering us lube to giveaway…

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