Karrine Steffans: Oh my God! You can’t do that! That is so disgusting! Who wants lube in the mail?! I’m like listen I’m not selling this book anymore, I’m not even selling this book anymore. I am concerned about my brand. Moving into television is huge for me, the production deal with FOX Television Studios is huge, they don’t do just give those to people.

The President came and gave that to me and I don’t wanna Fawk it up by giving away lube! So yeah I’m concerned about that because this is what I mean, the vixen does not exist. This is all contrived and fabricated, you got people giving away lube on my behalf and I’m like, WHAT?! I just found out about this yesterday.

HipHopWired: I thought this was all part of the process like, “Okay she wants to give away lube…”

Karrine Steffans: No, no, no! You do not give away lube on the Internet. That’s weird. So yeah I’m very concerned about what “Satisfaction” says about me. I’m 33, my kid’s 13. I’m not that young girl, it’s important to separate what you see with who I am. My first book came out when I was 25; I’m 33. I’m heading into my mid 30s. I’m super-grown, I got teenage kids. the books are just for entertainment. I don’t even have as big a hand in this as you think I did.

Karrine’s new book

SatisFaction: Erotic Fantasies For The Advanced & Adventurous Couple hits stoes 8/10/2011.

It’s now available for pre-order on Amazon here.

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